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Our Story

Started to solve the unique needs of medtech entrepreneurs, by a medtech entrepreneur.


Company founded by Morgan Evans
Avio logo


Avio logo
Highland Circle Innovations (HCI) rebranded Avio Medtech Consulting


President, Julie Pritchard-Hedtke and VP of Finance, Steph Tuntland hired

After being frustrated by having to continually build and rebuild an army of independent consultants--many which have never worked together before--for each start-up she was facilitating, Morgan saw an opportunity to consolidate fractional expertise as a cohesive team. This team would not only support acceleration of 3 female-founded entrepreneurs in the Medical Alley, but would also invest in accelerating the systems, processes and all inherent paperwork in medtech.

This offering brought together Morgan's vision and experience from multiple endeavors including medical device start-ups, angel investment, venture capital, and industry advisory work.

With the goal of better aligning the brand to the value that it provides our customers, HCI is now Avio Medtech Consulting.

While the name, look and feel may have changed, what hasn't changes is our commitment to supporting our customers with the brightest team in the industry.

With the expertise that Julie Pritchard-Hedtke and Steph Tuntland bring to the table, our company is poised for unprecedented growth. They join us at a crucial time when our firm is expanding its reach and solidifying its position as a cornerstone of support for the MedTech entrepreneurial ecosystem. Both leaders bring a wealth of experience and a fresh approach to the firm, which has already established itself as an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators.


Our Process

Medtech is not like other industries. The discipline required to design a product, assure quality, meet regulatory requirements, and get to market leaves no margin for error. There is no pivot to a new use if something goes wrong. You start over.

Avio provides the expertise, structure, and support to turn an idea into a successful product, and an entrepreneur’s dream into a business. Our team has the full range of skills required to complement your team, filling the gaps or providing the services that a start-up or growing company needs infrequently.

Avio Engagement Approach

We have a full portfolio of offerings and functional expertise to augment and integrate with your existing team. Typical needs include QMS Implementation and Management, Project Management, Software Quality, and Regulatory advisory.



We want to meet you where you are to deliver exactly what you need.

  • What is your current state of your company or product?

  • How can we partner with you to achieve compliant product development, processes or outputs without reinventing the wheel?

  • What scope of work do you require? Which of Avio's offerings do you need, and in what quantity?



We aim to be as efficient as possible, knowing how important every dollar is to a cost-conscious startup while providing the highest quality support.

  • Contracting: We provide efficient support at highly competitive rates. 

  • Project kick-off meeting: Let our team get as enthusiastic as you are about bringing your product to market or to support your business.

  • Project charter: We put together a holistic roadmap outlining the key deliverables, resources, and timelines associated with your project.



We guide and execute on the project charter with whatever level of engagement your team requires.

  • Work with you to build and maintain the quality system for the project (as required).

  • Revisit the project charter as the project develops and adjusts to evolving needs.

  • Generate agreed upon deliverables in a capital efficient way.

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