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Medtech Startup CEO Bootcamp

A crash course on key topics usually learned the hard way

Program Overview

The objective of this program is to prepare first time startup medtech CEOs with the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully lead their organizations with greater confidence and understanding.


The journey from concept to commercialization, and potentially even an exit, is an exciting but complex endeavor. It requires a strong understanding of different disciplines and the expectations involved to successfully navigate the business opportunity and effectively lead an organization.


Each cohort of participants (max 10/cohort) will spend one day per week over the course of ten weeks taking a deep dive into various functional areas learning what is required to develop a product, assure quality, meet regulatory requirements, and get to market for a medtech startup. This learning will be interactive allowing participants the unique opportunity to gain experience from subject matter experts and learn from their peers. The program concludes with a case study presentation to a panel of startup medtech leaders. 

The program is designed to minimize the impact on schedules, meeting weekly on Fridays for the full day. Our initial program begins on October 6th, 2023. Accommodations will be made to support remote participation.

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